About the FEPOW Database

This Database began its life as a desire to have a hardcopy of every Liberation Questionnaire, available in the Research Room of the FEPOW Memorial Building, Alrewas. However, by placing these Questionnaires on the internet, they will be available globally.

CoFEPOW already had a complete list of the 55,000 British FEPOWs, along with their basic details Name, Rank, Service Number. By using this simple list as the foundation for the database, and generating a single viewable record for each FEPOW we have the opportunity to create a lasting legacy that will ensure that their story will never be forgotten.

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What is a Liberation Questionnaire?

These files were completed upon liberation by British servicemen who were captured and held as Prisoners of war by the Japanese.

There are in excess of 30,000 Questionnaires, held in 98 files at the National Archives at Kew, England. They are filed under the reference WO344.

If completed correctly, and in full, they contain information concerning the camps he was in, and the dates he was in them, as well as who the camp commander was. Many FEPOWs did not complete a Questionnaire upon their return, and the details provided by those that did differ significantly both in quality and content.

Please Note: Due to the time and financial implications of photocopying an entire Questionnaire, the decision was taken to only take an image of the front page (of 4 pages). In the vast majority of cases this was the only page completed.

For further information visit the CoFEPOW website.

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Have you come across some information on the Database that you would like to know more about, a camp name maybe or the name of a ship?

The CoFEPOW Website contains a wealth of information relating to Far East Prisoners of War, simply type a word or phrase into the search box, and select “search”. The search will return every instance on our website where that word/phrase is mentioned.

For example, at time of writing a search for:

The website is continually being updated, so please keeping back to see if new content has been added. Similarly, if you have information that you think might be of interest to others please let us know.

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Future plans for the Database

Since its inauguration in 1997, CoFEPOW has been collating and receiving information on every aspect of the FEPOW experience.

The intention is to make this and any externally sourced research, available on this database including:

At present only Service men from the Army, Navy and Air Force are contained within this Database, it is hoped that eventually the names and records of those in the Merchant Navy and Civilian Internees will also be included.

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The Volunteers

This project would not have got off the ground if it weren’t for a small band of volunteers who gave up their time to take photographs and upload the resulting images.

Hannah Barker, George Blinko, Tony Burrows, Jann Fryer, Brian Gissing, Tony Hazzard, Matt Huggins, Pat Lawson, Annette Masters, Anne Peters, John Pratt, Jean Roberts, Eileen Savedra, Ian Stitt, Jane Stuart, Eric Wakely and Anne Wilson.

There are also those that have donated their research for inclusion in the database.

Pam Stubbs, Keith Andrews

On behalf of the Database Team, thank you.

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